January 23, 2020

My first giveaway for 2020 lead me to this adorable couple. Grace entered my free session giveaway, and when I contacted her to tell her she had won, she excitedly told me that this was the first thing she had ever won. She told me that she was going to surprise her boyfriend with this session. Grace stated that when her and Jacob lived apart, they would take pictures “constantly” when they were together, and that she even gifted him with a scrapbook of their photos during their early moments of their relationship. She explained that now that they live together, they haven’t been taking pictures as often, and how much they were looking forward to changing that with this session. I would say that they definitely have adorable new photos to update their scrapbook! 

We started this dreamy sunset session at a local barn, hiking through the snow to different spots on the property. Jacob told me he was originally from out of state, and was “still adjusting” to life where the air hurts your face. I have to say, he was a champ, wearing only a lighter jacket, even with it being a brisk 20 degrees. Most of my clients tell me they are uncomfortable in front of the camera, and Grace + Jacob told me the same thing. However, once I got these two “drunk-walking” and “hip-bumping”, all nervous energy was lost. The pink-hues of the sunset quickly turned to a golden glow as the sun dipped lower below the horizon, and we were able to sneak a few pictures with the moon as it showed it’s face before our session ended. What a way to ring in the new year! 

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