The difference between a traditional wedding and an elopement and/or intimate wedding is that the day is surrounded around all that YOU want to do, and less of the possible stress that comes with a larger, more traditional wedding. It's where a couple celebrates their marriage without the pressure or expectation

of societal norms. The term elopement has expanded well beyond what most think of - two people getting hitched in a church in Vegas (though, that can be really fun!). An elopement is typically the couple and possibly a few family and friends exchanging vows within nature or an in informal ceremony space. Elopements can be as fancy or as simple as you desire them to be, and often my couples will plan excursions or activities to do on their day, like canoeing or hiking or having beers at a local brewery. An intimate wedding expands slightly on the elopement, where you have a few more people and this may or may not take place in a formal setting, like a venue. These have often looked like me joining a family at their family farm, or a small gathering in a backyard.  The most significant reason why I choose to photograph these types of weddings over traditional weddings, is that I really find that I can connect with my couples on a deeper level, and give them a more full experience, versus photographing couples with 300+ of their guests at a large indoor venue. In my experience, that has led to less intimate and genuine moments, and more posed and pressured moments. That isn't my jam as a photographer. I want to encourage you to be more present, more engaged, on your day and I've found that elopements and intimate weddings give more opportunities for that to happen. 

After my husband and I planned our own elopement in Northern Minnesota, I became even more passionate with wanting to help others bring their elopement dreams to life! We decided on an elopement because neither of us like being the center of attention, and we wanted the day to be about US. I didn't want to worry about speeches or cake cuttings or first dances. I didn't want to worry about flower girls and ring bearers and all the decorations. I wanted simple and special and meaningful. That's why we did what we did, and I hope to inspire you to reach for something deeper too.

I have been photographing couples for the last seven years, coast to coast, but truly specialize in elopements and small weddings in Northern Minnesota and Wisconsin. One of my absolute favorite parts of elopements & intimate weddings is being able to be apart of couples every step, from deciding to get married, to location scouting, all the way up to the day you say I Do! So you may be thinking, what's my first step? Well, we start with a consultation either in person or virtually, and then once you decide you want to work together, we get to planning the dang thing!

so you may be wondering: what is an elopement or intimate wedding?

“Or, you might get everything you’ve wanted since you were 15.” — Phoebe

you may want to work with me if...

Whether you want to travel into the Northern part of Minnesota to exchange your vows, or if somewhere else in the U.S. - or world - calls to you, I want you to trust that pull. How couples are planning their weddings are changing, and there are more and more high end, accessible options for couples who are looking to elope or do something unique for their special day. I want you to be able to take a sigh of relief, to leave all that stress behind, and actually have FUN on your wedding. If you only do this thing once, why not do it the way you want it?

my packages and pricing

you prefer messy, imperfect moments captured over perfectly posed images

aren't afraid to get your dress a little dirty, your pants a little messy, and your hair a little crazy

epic nature locations inspire you more than indoor venues or churches

you aren't worried about set photo list, and would prefer to have the day documented exactly how it unfolds

you are ready to escape into the woods and explore the wonders of the world, wearing hiking boots under your wedding dress

what's included in planning?

Planning a non-traditional wedding without a formal "venue" can be daunting. That's where I come in! Outside of photographing your elopement, I also help with: 

 customized timeline creation

 permit research and assistance

 location scouting and exploring

 vendor recommendations

 fun activity suggestions to create a once in a lifetime experience

 full elopement guide with lots of ideas to get the creative juices flowing

 Ashley documented our elopement this past summer and we couldn't recommend her more! After almost a year of back and forth emails, she helped us figure out pretty much everything - from outfits to florals. Our number one goal was to have a fun, stress-free day and we definitely achieved that! We were able to have an experience customized just for us, since we didn't fall into the traditional idea of weddings (or even elopements!). The pictures turned out beautiful, and she really captured all the little moments that were important to us. She was great throughout the whole process and we're so happy we chose to work with her!

"OuR number one goal was to have a fun, stress-free day, and we definitely achieved that!"