January 23, 2020

This last year was one of unreal possibilities. Why? Because I never in a million, bazillion years envisioned myself as a business owner or entrepreneur. Race Care Driver? Elementary School. Veterinarian? Middle School. Teacher? Early High School. Doctor? Late High School. Therapist? College. But never, business owner, creative entrepreneur, and photographer. Yet, here I sit, three years in to this whole new world and I can’t imagine my life WITHOUT this beautiful, crazy, fantastic job. This business started out as a hobby, then  turned side hustle. 

Entering 2020, my dreams are BIG. And I mean, big, scary, wonderful BIG. As a very wise, successful woman once said “if you don’t see it, how do you know you can be it?” – Rachel Hollis. This really struct a cord within myself, and I realized that I needed to dream bigger in order to do bigger things. The box I thought the world was putting me in was really just myself – muting my internal voice, silencing my opinions, and ultimately making myself out to be “lesser” than what I really was. What came after this realization was so much more than the boom within my photography business; I met so many influential families and couples in 2019, and this collage summarizes in a pretty epic way how if you level up one part of your life (i.e. my mindset), your whole dang life levels up. 

The next time you think “well, I could never do that”, think again. The only thing holding you back from achieving those big, scary dreams is YOU! Only you can put yourself in a limiting box of self-doubt, only you can make yourself go for less than what you dream up, only you can stop yourself. So let’s stop letting our thoughts be the truth, and start letting our ACTIONS speak louder! 2020, we are ready for you! 

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