Self-love sessions are more than just creating beautiful images - it is helping get you started on your own confidence and self-love journey. These aren't reserved for those that have confidence, it is for helping you CREATE confidence. I'll never forget when a woman was ending her session with me, and she said "I feel so good, like I could run naked through Target!" and honestly, that's the vibe I aim for every single time. I want you to leave your session feeling like you could conquer anything, and if that includes streaking through Target, then I am all for it!

The longest relationship you will ever have with anyone/anything is with your body. Too often, I see women pick their bodies apart instead of showing love & acceptance. I’ve been in that place too, and my passion with boudoir grew out of my own body acceptance journey. I realized through embracing myself and learning to celebrate the skin I was in helped heal years of self-doubt.

bringing out your inner goddess
one photo at a time!

“You are more beautiful than Cinderella! You smell like pine needles, and have a face like sunshine!” – Bridesmaids Movie

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my packages and pricing

I know and respect that a boudoir session is an investment. An investment financially but also an investment emotionally and physically. An investment into self-love, self-acceptance, self-confidence. An investment into freedom from judgement, shame, and uncomfortableness. This is why all my session options are structured as such: Initial session fee is the amount you owe to book your session. Your fee will then be applied to whatever package you choose. I generally offer three package options, which are a mixture of digital and print items. I also offer an al a carte option, where you pay for the session fee, and then maybe you just want digitalis, let’s say, then we can create a package together that looks like that. The session fee includes:

 Reservation of boudoir session date
 Studio rental process and fees 60 minutes of time in the studio
 Access to my client closet outfits
 A detailed boudoir guide to help you prep and plan for your session
 Coordination with me each step of the way leading up to your session date
 Planning with me after your session date to order and pick out your images + products

you are ready to see yourself in a new and loving light

are ready to let go of societal norms and pressures and embrace your own unique beauty

you want to finally look in the mirror and say "I am a freakin' badass!"

ready to jam to early 2000's music and dance around in the studio

you are open to practicing body acceptance and self-love

what does it mean to be trauma-informed?

As a trauma-informed photographer, I have taken the time to educate myself on ways to help women feel safe + comfortable within the studio space. I want to share some examples of ways that I provide a safe space for you during before, during, and after your session: 

I ALWAYS ask for permission before I adjust your hair/outfit/body during a pose. Consent is required and you will ALWAYS be allowed to say no/decline to your own comfort level. 

You will have access to private changing areas, and you get to decide during the entirety of the process how dressed/undressed you are during the session.

Communication before, during, and after your session is a top value of mine. I provide all the prep information before your session so that we have full transparency together, along with the process during, and after. 

This is YOUR session. As your photographer, I want to hear your ideas, your feedback, and what you need to feel the most comfortable. 

I will always show you the pose first, because if I can't do it, why would I expect you to do it? Poses can be challenging, and I encourage clients to ask me for modifications or decline a pose if it creates any uncomfortableness in their bodies. 

I am your HYPE GIRL during these sessions, and will often be giving supportive and encouraging words to you. I will never use derogatory, unsafe, or "yucky" language during your session. 

Being trauma-informed is being aware that our bodies hold emotions + experiences. Therefore, there may be moments or movements that trigger us. If at any time during your session, you need to stop, need to take a break, or need to release an emotion to which I need to step out, I will do so. This is your experience, and you have permission to express emotions, whatever they may be.  

Frequently Asked QUESTIONS


 Depends on the package you choose, but anywhere from 15 to 50+
There will always be options to purchases more digitals after your session is delivered too.


 I email all my clients style guides for their sessions. I also have items in my client closet that are available to all clients to use for their sessions. The most important part of outfit selection is picking outfits that not only fit well but make you feel amazing too!


At this time, I do not have my own studio. I currently rent from other amazing photographers, and there are 2 studios I use most frequently and these would be included in your session price. If you wish to do a session in your own home, or at another location of choice (i.e. Airbnb), travel costs would be added.


The retainers are non-refundable, and if you do need to cancel/reschedule, that retainer can be applied to another session in the future. Due to studio rental costs, there would be a $100 rescheduling fee required.


Due to the intimate nature of these sessions, I typically do not allow guests within the studio. However, I do offer discounted rates to friends who book together and do back-to-back sessions, which is a way you could do sessions together! Please inquire for further information on this.


 I am a huge advocate for body acceptance and self-love for everyone! However, I specialize specifically in women/women-identified sessions, and have amazing photographers I can recommend to you who work with men.


I think that is truly amazing when couples are willing to get intimate and steamy together, and a couples boudoir session could be a really fun date night idea! I however specialize in women self-love sessions only, and would be happy to recommend other photographers in our area that serve couples.


I know a boudoir session is an investment, and offer payment plans to all my clients. all balances must be due before your session takes place, but can be split into payments before your session date.

do you do reveal sessions?

I offer the option for a reveal session, where we meet again - either virtually or in person - and go over your images. If you opt-out of the reveal, your images will be delivered in an online gallery to view in your own time, and you'll get a hype email from me letting you know when that gallery is ready!

will my photos be shared online / publicly?

Not without your consent! You will have the option with booking if you'd like to share your images or if you'd like to keep them 100% private. That is always your choice, and you will never be encouraged to share if you do not want to. 

I don't even know where to begin. I have been thinking about doing a boudoir shoot for around 5 years, but I always found an excuse not to. "I just want to lose that last 10 pounds" or "Just let me get a little more toned in my arms and abs, and THEN I'll do it." I finally realized that this was toxic self-messaging that stemmed from a lifetime of media of all forms telling me my body wasn't good enough. For about the past year, I've been on a wonderful self-love and self-acceptance journey that is indescribably freeing, y'all (like 10/10, HIGHLY recommend). And the most ironic part is that I decided to finally pull the trigger on boudoir at the heaviest weight I've ever been. And I've NEVER FELT BETTER. Doing this boudoir shoot was one of the coolest experiences I've ever been a part of. I had known Ashley from a number of previous family photo shoots, and when I found out she did boudoir, I knew she'd be my gal. Her positive attitude and fun personality made me feel so comfortable during my shoot. I had made a playlist of songs to pump me up, so we got to rock to that while she took the photos. I really enjoyed watching her creative mind work while she put me in all kinds of different poses. We even got to shoot some pictures in the lake! It was amazing! All of this to say, if you've ever thought of doing boudoir, take this as your sign from the universe and JUST DO IT. I promise you won't regret it. I am still flying on cloud nine, and I've opened my sneak peek gallery approximately one million times, because I just can't stop admiring how beautiful and empowered I look and feel.

"i'm still flying on cloud nine, and i've opened my sneak peak gallery approximately one million times because I just can't stop admiring how beautiful and empowered i look and feel."