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I'm a wandering love photographer and storyteller residing in Central Minnesota, but really the North Shore and anything woodsy has my heart. Since I was little, I would write creative short stories and get lost in my own fantasy lands. I always knew I wanted to bring those ideas and dreams to reality, but never really quite knew how. Then, photography came into my life when I needed it most, and now, I get the honor of traveling all over with my amazing couples and families helping bring their own unique stories to life. I'm here to showcase the imperfectly beautiful lives we all live and capture precious memories to look back on for years and years. If you have come looking for posed and proper, you've come to the wrong place - but, if you are looking for barefoot adventures, too many Office inside jokes, coffee shop dates, and obnoxious belly laughs, then I'm your gal and I'm ready to meet you! 

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