“ You must go on adventures to find out where you 

- Sue Fitzmaurice "

truly belong

Most days you can find me drinking way too much coffee, laughing at The Office, and snuggled up on the couch with my adorable furbabies and handsome husband. I am passionate about wellness + self-care, and believe that life is always going to be sweeter when we are present with the ones we love. If you want to know the way to my heart, bring me a big bowl of pasta, a shot of whiskey, and take me on a new adventure to a place I've never been. I want to empower others to be their authentic selves, both in front of the camera and within their lives. We only have one life to live, friends, so why live it being anything but truly ourselves! 

My approach to photography is one of authenticity and fun! I'm not about "pretty and proper" photos - I'm about creating lasting and memorable photographs for you to cherish for years and years. I always encourage my clients to pick a location that means something special to them - like a bowling alley or wine tasting at their favorite restaurant. If you're in a place that you love, you'll feel even more relaxed in front of the camera. 

i'm just a small town gal who loves capturing the imperfect beauty of life's moments

check out some of my favorite things


hiking along the north shore, listening to the waves crash against the rocks

these are some of my favorite things

enjoying extra furbaby cuddles

in the early mornings

traveling the world 

and going on new adventruous

not ready to say goodbye? me either!

thank you