Finding beauty in the ordinary {channeling my inner Pam Beesly) and always bringing a positive light are things I specialize in when it comes to being a photographer. If I'm not behind the camera, I'm usually at home on the couch, nose behind a good book, or hiking + camping with my family. I wear my heart on my sleeve, love to laugh & have fun, and am a fierce, fierce friend (quoting some HP). 

did we become friends yet? 

married to my high school sweetheart, Brian
furmama to two dogs, One Cat, & ten ducks
empath | enneagram two | homesteading newbie

45.7558° N, 93.6544° W

A little more about me

Over the years, I've realized more and more the importance of being present - being where your feet are, feeling the sun on your skin, feeling your breathe move in and out of your lungs, see all the variance of color in the trees. Photography, for me, is a chance to practice being present, being mindful, and I realized how much more fun my sessions are when I encourage others to do the same. 

So, let's let go of the traditional, the expected, the posed and directive. Let's move towards the real, the genuine, the intentional, the meaningful, the grounded. Let's have fun and play. Let's have true belly laughs and be okay with our clothes getting a little messy. Let's be barefoot in the sand and roll around in the grass. 

Let's just be. I want to give you full permission to be 100% you, and I will show up with you being a 100% me. Together, we can create some pretty neat memories! 

"Be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears. Just go after what you want and act fast, because life just isn't that long." - pam beesly

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the race track or
working in the garden,
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Bold, Colorful, Vibrant

Vanilla Crafted Press with Oat Milk

Alaska & Northern Minnesota

Tapioca Pudding
& Cottage Cheese

Autumn, hands down. Give me all the Pumpkin-Spiced things you have. 

Harry Potter, From Blood & Ash, ACOTAR, Odin's Child