a little bit more about my why...

I started my photography business after my husband gifted me my first full-frame camera. His intention was two-fold - support my love of taking photos and also encourage me to take photos of him at the race track with his cars. After doing that + random sessions on the side for about a year, I photographed my first wedding and realized that I wanted to do more with this "photo thing". ALP was born, and here I am, over seven years later, so dang happy I took the leap! 

"Be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears. Just go after what you want and act fast, because life just isn't that long." - pam beesly

My style of photography matches how I aim to live my life: vibrant, genuine, colorful, intentional, and adventurous. Traveling is a big part of my husband and I's relationship - we greatly enjoy exploring new places and have frequent conversations about our next bucket list location. Being out in nature, visiting unique and special places, brings us such joy - like camping along the North Shore, hiking up a mountain in Alaska, or diving off a sail boat in Santorini, Greece. The world is full of wonderous places, and through photography, I hope to inspire you to get out there and wander

Despite having the travel bug, I also really value and want to highlight the beautifully average parts of life too. Taking photos isn't just for the big moments - it is for the small moments too. The day-to-day exchanges. The inside jokes. The trials and hardships. The average Sunday afternoons on the couch watching football. Our days are filled with a mixture of ordinary and extraordinary, and both moments deserve to be captured, remembered, and cherished. Whether you are looking for a photographer to be there for your elopement or snuggling your kiddos on the couch, I'm here to document those memories with you!  

married to my high school sweetheart, brian. we've been together almost 15 years, and eloped along the north short of lake superior 5 years ago. 


fur/feather-mama to two dogs, one cat, and ten ducks. we are homesteading newbies and recently learned how to can pickles, jalapenos, and salsa. 


i am an empath & an enneagram two. i wear my heart on my sleeve and care deeply for others.


i am a writer and an avid fatnasy romance reader. i often share my latest reads in my monthly photo newsletter, so you may want to join in on that!


likes: crafted press coffee, chai latte, baked goods, the office + friends, fuzzy blankets, rock concerts, and the smell of race gas at the track

dislikes: tapioca pudding, ipa beer, busy/loud crowds, running late, snowy roads, and too-tight pants


cuyahoga valley national park

eureka springs, arkansas

northern michigan


These are locations that I have either traveled to already or want to travel to, to photograph. This job has given me the opportunity to explore the world and help my clients do that too! Hope these give you fun ideas to inspire your next adventure, and if you want to plan a trip to these places + hire me to be your photographer I would seriously love to connect! 

travel bucket list

glacier national park

teton national park

cannon beach, oregon

pnw, washington