Finding beauty in ordinary things {channeling my inner Pam Beesly) and always bringing a positive light are things I specialize in when it comes to being a photographer. If I'm not behind the camera, I'm usually at home on the couch, nose behind a good book, or hiking + camping with my family. I wear my heart on my sleeve, love to laugh & have fun, and am a fierce, fierce friend (quoting some HP). 

did we become friends yet? 

married to my high school sweetheart, Brian
furmama to two dogs (Chip & Tate) + Cat (Maximus)
coffee-enthusiast | enneagram two | Subaru fan

45.7558° N, 93.6544° W

A little more about me

of my favorite things

These are a few

you may notice that there are florals as apart of my brand - on my website and in my logo. 

let me tell you a bit about those flowers

the flowers are dahlias and peonies. i picked these because my grandfather and his extended family have been growing these types of flowers for generations. 

these flowers represent love and family to me. 

and photography helps bring these two elements together. love and family. this is why i do what I do. for my family. for other's families. and to express, document, and celebrate love. 

let's create magic together.