Spring Maternity Photo // Ivory North // Mora, Minnesota

January 24, 2024

When planning your maternity session, you may be wondering the following:

What should I bring?

Will my photographer know how to pose me?

How do I dress?

I know a maternity session may stir up a variety of feelings, and a mixture of reactions. I always aim to help you feel the most comfortable during your session, and the way I help is the prep before your session. Here are the ways that I support you & help answer these questions and more about your upcoming maternity session:

A major part of the prep for your session is the questionnaire that I send. It includes questions, like those listed above, and it helps me key in on the things you want support with. I offer to send style options along with location options, and I make sure to show you sample photos of past clients + poses so that you can see how a typical session may go.

One of my main suggestions for sessions is: keep it meaningful. Don’t get caught up in all the inspo on Pinterest. Reflect on how you want to FEEL in your session, and let that guide you. Want a romantic session? Let’s prioritize touch and close moments. Want a fun, vibrant session? Let’s go mini golfing for a fun alternative maternity session! Want a spring-inspired session? Take a look at these photos from Ivory North from last year.

EVENT // A-Squared Content

HOSTS // Ashley Lee Photography & The Fireside Kind

PHOTOGRAPHER // Ashley Lee Photography

VENUE // Ivory North

FLORALS // Malana Sophia Floral

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