Spooky Witchy Themed Branding Session at Hedin North Farms

September 29, 2023

The perfect way to celebrate the start of October.

When Samantha, with Hedin North Farms, reached out to me over the summer about wanting to host a spooky, witchy themed branding session at her homestead farm, I was over-the-moon, or should I say over-the-cauldron, excited! Branding sessions are an opportunity for me to work closely with a small business owner and break out of the typical mold of a session to help highlight their business in a fun, unique way.

Samantha and her husband, Jason, along with their two children – Clayton and Charlee, started to envision their urban farm back in 2020, and it has since grown into a business boasting the sales of microgreens, herbs, cut flowers, and now (drumroll please), an adorable greenhouse photography rental space! It was truly incredible to see how they utilize their urban homestead on less than three acres within the city of Big Lake, Minnesota.

It was a scene out of my own homesteading dreams. Walking up to their beautiful, landscaped lawn, it looked like any house in a modern neighborhood, but in the backyard, it’s where their farm really unfolded. Chickens scattered the space while their dog herded them towards their coop. Friends mingled around their firepit and stack of firewood, while kids played and ran through the woods. Perfectly curated trails spread through the back part of their property, leading to a garden oasis, with the greenhouse in the background, and their lingering dahlias and other plants in the foreground. Friends shared stories with me about Samantha and Jason’s journey with their farm, and all the hard work, sweat, and determination they put into creating this haven.

Samantha had some of her closest friends and family join in on this themed branding session, and I hope you can see, and more importantly feel, the fun and passion in these photos. Samantha’s rental space will be up and available to photographers for renting this Fall of 2023, so please follow/reach out to her on her social media platforms and website for more information:




  1. Sam Hedin says:

    I love this so much! Wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to do this photoshoot. Thank you for being so flexible and wonderful!

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