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Entrepreneurs, coaches, small business owners, local bloggers, social media gurus, creative masters, poets + authors - I'm speaking to you!  I bet you all, like myself, have been on the receiving end of a stuffy, rigid headshot session that left you feeling like the awkward 7th grader who just got their braces put on before their school pictures (yikes!).  I know I have, and when I looked at that picture, I realized that it didn't even come close to capturing my true boss babe self, nor my creative business.

Through this experience, I have learned to value the process of branding yourself, your business, and capturing who you are within your photos, because your photo is the first connection your clients have to you. They want to see your smiling face, doing what you love - working your creative magic. That might mean for us to have a coffee shop date, and I capture you sipping your favorite cold brew while you journal about your next book. Or maybe we meet at the gym, and I capture you lifting those heavy weights, showcasing how fitness has changed your life and can change others. Or maybe I meet you at your home office, and I capture you sitting behind your desk, building your virtual empire.

Whatever your business, whatever your craft, I want to help you create beautiful images to showcase that amazing-ness that is YOU!

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lifestyle headshots

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Let's step away from traditional headshots, and instead tell the story of you and your business through lifestyle photography. This is about feeling confident in your own skin. And you know what? When you feel confident, it helps your clients trust in you and your business. 

This is for groups or for you and your products/models. This is a more in-depth storytelling of your business and capturing the passion and fire that you have for what you do. I want to help you show your clients the amazing services you offer and the products that you create. 

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this is what they said about their experience

"Ashley was super fun to work with and made me feel really comfortable in front of the camera! I am obsessed with the way the photos turned out. We seemed to be on the same wavelength when ti came to what I was envisioning to market to my potential clients and I would totally work with her again!"



Mandy b.

this is what they said about their experience

"Ashley is easy to work with, makes you feel comfortable, and has amazing work!"


Kelsey F.

this is what they said about their experience

"We had such a pleasant experience with Ashley when she helped us with some lifestyle photos at our team retreat! There was a larger group of us and many of the girls had never done photos before. Ashley made them comfortable all along the way and got so many good options for each of us to use! She worked efficiently and effectively and I would highly recommend her!"